Business Owners and Managers CAN Influence the World for the Better – Choose To Do So

Like you I get a lot of email newsletters on variety of business and legal issues every day, much of it negative or scary . Most of them are unremarkable and get skimmed and deleted quickly. Every once in a while you get a gem, a good reminder of something you should be doing or […]

Doctors Going Broke in the News (and Those Who Aren’t )

There has been a great deal of discussion about the current financial state of American doctors in the news and in many online forums frequented by physicians. All problems identified in the article and the subsequent discussions it has spawned are related directly to the general poor state of the economy. Primarily, decreases in compensation; […]

From Success to Significance – A Holistic CEO Approach for Your Business

We’ve featured articles on a variety of business and legal issues including many on dealing with the current realities of the market and the economy and what those realities mean for our many business owner and executive clients. In this multi-part article two expert management and organizational development consultants, Charlie Tombazian and Dean Newlund share […]

Asset Protection & Investing; What’s Your Defensive Position?

I’m not a financial advisor but I work with some of the best ones in the United States because they often have clients that understand the finite and fragile nature of wealth and that we must take proactive steps to protect it.  One of the top financial advisors I regularly turn to for solutions and […]

Lawsuits Aren’t a BUSINESS? Wall St. Says You’re Wrong!

We warn clients and advisors alike that many lawsuits are simply a business decision made by attorneys as much if not more than a question of right and wrong. This position has been viewed skeptically by those that don’t have our unique experience and perspective in helping to protect thousands of successful people and their […]


  IT’S NOT JUST WHAT YOU MAKE; IT’S ALSO WHAT YOU KEEP.  With the economic impact of the new healthcare laws and the President’s final 2011 budget uncertain, practice owners and managers would be well served to focus their attention at this time on profit retention strategies. The thousands of doctors we serve are facing […]

What You Must Know About Selling a Business in a Depressed Economy.

There are certain things we always warn our clients about when they are selling a business. One of the issues we regularly address is making sure that the seller and their unrelated personal and business assets are adequately protected from any potential future litigation, including that often created by the buyer if he or she […]


I am seeing a massive increase in investment fraud, theft, and embezzlement among our affluent business owner clients right now. This exposure is coming from both outside sources AND partners, executives and employees of all types. I continually post issues and warnings here, in my private email update newsletters to clients and advisors and on […]

New FRAUD Schemes Prey on Personal, Religious and Cultural Connections to Build Investor Confidence

Ike Devji, J.D.© 2009 Something quick, down and dirty I want all our clients and partners to be aware of, as you folks are the ideal candidates for the bad guys – you are among the most successful people in the U.S. UPDATE 8/7/09 – Former Rabbi Charged in $35M Tax Fraud Scheme […]