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“Asset Protection lawyer Ike Devji and his associates have been the choice of literally thousands of medical professionals in every imaginable specialty including M.D., D.D.S. and D.C., to name just a few.”

Asset Protection for Doctors? YES, we do that.

Here’s a partial list of Medical Journals that feature Ike Devji’s Work and where he has over 200 bylines on asset Protection and business for medical professionals.

Ike Devji Asset Protection Attorney

Their decades of combined experience in providing Asset Protection for successful Physicians (in addition to Ike’s personal experience helping to organize and protect the successful medical businesses of his own family) provide our clients with the unique base of knowledge and experience you want when selecting an Asset Protection attorney. He’s written over 200 articles for doctors for Physician’s Practice related to wealth, risk, asset protection and business law.

With just a simple phone call or meeting we are able to help Physicians Evaluate and Implement a Variety of Strategies to:

  • Protect your home and its equity;
  • Protect yourself from employee lawsuit exposures;
  • Identify the real personal and practice related risks you face and the gaps in your risk management planning including having all the right kinds of liability insurance
  • Protect investments and investment real estate from litigation;
  • Protect your business equipment and future income;
  • Spot investments that carry inherent creditor protection;
  • Increase your internal efficiency and keep more or every dollar you make;
  • Identify and address your growing estate tax exposure

In a time when our doctors are facing issues like decreased compensation, rising liability insurance and overhead costs, stalled investment momentum and increased employee risk, being proactive about preserving your wealth and making sure you never take a step backwards is a more important part of your business and personal financial plan than ever before.

Right now, even if you carry a million dollar liability policy, you could still be liable for $2.9 Million out of pocket if you hit with even the “average” national malpractice award!

Of course, professional liability is only one source of exposure, you face many others related to owning a business, having family members that drive cars, being an employer… the list is infinite. See these stats:

  • We live in a society that files some 70,000 lawsuits per day, many without merit, and we are the most litigious society in the world;
  • The average medical malpractice award is $3.9 MM, some authorities put this number substantially higher;
  • The average legal costs of settling a frivolous lawsuit is $91,000 – plus the actual settlement amount itself;
  • The average sexual harassment suit against a small business (like yours) produces a verdict of $530,000. Employees are suing more often, winning more often and winning proportionally larger judgments. They win 75% of the time;
  • Only the top 5% of Americans have a net worth of over $1MM. Using that as a baseline it’s pretty easy to see where even a doctor who is worth only a million dollars fits in on the lawsuit food chain.
A variety of professional publications, financial advisory firms and practice management groups rely on Ike Devji to teach medical executives a crash course on this issue. Ike helps protect literally billions of dollars for thousands of doctors nationwide and will introduce you to some simple, legal and effective strategies to help ensure that you are a hard target for any kind of lawsuit — professional liability related or otherwise.
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