What We Do: Asset Protection

“It’s Not Just What You Make, It’s Also What You Keep.”

As an Asset Protection lawyer, Ike’s primary concerns are related to all litigation, professional liability and estate planning exposures. Using a holistic approach however, he finds any preventable source of loss, risk or exposure unacceptable.

Many clients equate a complete Asset Protection analysis with Ike to an executive health check up for their wealth.

Without the client having to do huge amounts of “homework”, and often after as little as an in-depth one hour client interview, Ike will be able to identify and encourage what’s right, point out things to look out for and further investigate, and provide immediate solutions for dangerous exposures.

Ike’s hands-on experience with thousands of clients and his personal experience as the owner and manager of several businesses gives him a personal understanding of the realities that face today’s affluent business owners and medical professionals. This means proven results, the first time, in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. He and his partners use the exact same methods and tools to protect their own families’ wealth, many of whom are in the medical business.

Ike identifies assets and liabilities that can and should be segregated or firewalled and takes an in depth look at large and small details that can undo a lifetime of hard work in an instant. These issues include corporate structure, employee manuals, hobbies, professional liability, internal risk posed by your assets themselves and even how your vehicles are titled. It is the sum of these exposures that must be addressed in a complete way; leaving your guard down to any one exposure can be deadly.

Ike’s tools include both the most reliable domestic and international tools including Asset Protection Trusts, Limited Partnerships, LLC’s, a large variety of estate related trusts as well as specially identified financial and insurance tools. What he prescribes is tailored to the unique assets and liabilities of every client as an individual. There is no one size fits all Asset Protection plan, even though plans and tools look similar to consumers on paper.

Mr. Devji has in depth experience with all of these tools and their best application and uses them in a way that is the most time and cost efficient possible. Ike always seeks to use the fewest number of tools possible, each with the most legitimate business purpose possible, in a way that clients and their advisor can realistically use and maintain.

The last thing Ike or any client wants is more complications or strategies that create additional risk, either because they won’t hold up under attack due to flaws in their construction or novel interpretation of the law, or because they are attacked on other grounds, like many of the abusive tax schemes disguised and sold as real Asset Protection.

Finally, Ike makes sure clients have maximized their related wealth preservation planning issues such as income, property and estate tax reduction planning, investment exposure, and income protection planning. While he can’t be an expert at everything, he can work with your advisory team on these issues and supplement any missing experts from a team of noted professionals with various backgrounds and long histories of serving the most affluent families in the United States.

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