Lawsuits Aren’t a BUSINESS? Wall St. Says You’re Wrong!

Asset Protection | Lawsuits Aren’t a BUSINESS? Wall St. Says You’re Wrong!

We warn clients and advisors alike that many lawsuits are simply a business decision made by attorneys as much if not more than a question of right and wrong. This position has been viewed skeptically by those that don’t have our unique experience and perspective in helping to protect thousands of successful people and their families from a universe of infinite risk and surprises. Perhaps the link to the New York Times article below will help open their eyes and lower their idealistic expectations about our justice system.

A growing industry  invests in other people’s lawsuits, arming plaintiffs with money to help them win more money from defendants. Banks, hedge funds and boutique firms like Balance Point now have a total of $1 billion invested in lawsuits at any given time, industry participants estimate.


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