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“When it Comes to Choosing an Asset Protection Lawyer Experience is the Key Consideration”

Attorney Ike Devji is the Founder and Managing Attorney of Pro Asset Protection and has nearly two decades of legal practice experience devoted exclusively to Asset Protection, Risk Management and Wealth Preservation for some of the most successful people in America, and those who are on their way to being there.

“I love seeing people succeed”

Like many attorneys, Ike’s legal experience started in a litigation practice where he quickly realized two things. First, that many lawsuits are based as much on collectability as they are on actual liability. Second, that the best advised and most successful people in America were getting special help managing their risks and making their futures more predictable. They were doing this by properly separating their assets and liabilities when they had an ethical and legal right to do so.  
Ike Devji Attorney

“I decided that I would rather play defense and help entrepreneurs, business owners, and physicians like many of the self-made success stories I grew up with and saw in my own family, than take things away from people as a litigator”

Ike Devji and his colleagues have the choice of thousands of these individuals and their advisors from across the United States and he helps protect over $5 Billion dollars in personal assets for clients in all 50 states and from a dozen plus foreign countries. His experience includes the effective use both domestic legal tools and business structures including complex special purpose trust structures, limited partnerships, LLCs and aiding countless clients in the legal U.S. tax law compliant use of sophisticated offshore trusts, banks, and jurisdictions for legally and financially qualified clients that want the most predictable possible estate planning outcome for their wealth and their futures.

“The best fight remains the fight never fought”

As an Asset Protection attorney, Ike takes a holistic view of his clients and their wealth and considers any avoidable source of loss, risk or exposure unacceptable. As such, his ongoing study and professional education leads to exploration with clients on both the appropriate legal tools and strategies and the compliance and risk management to help clients avoid predictable exposures in the first place.

Ike Devji Asset Protection Attorney
Davis Miles Team Guides Business owner through $100 Million Exit

“I’ve got a great team”

He is the former managing attorney of the United States’ largest Asset Protection only law firm, Lodmell & Lodmell, P.C and is currently of-counsel with the firm. He is also of-counsel with the Arizona-based business law firm of Davis Miles Mcguire Gardner, a leading business law firm with offices in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. He helped create the firm’s Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection practice groups and regularly helps coordinate issues including high value business exit transactions, estate and wealth transfer planning and other related issues with a team of highly experienced legal experts and specialists with over a century of combined experience.

He is a national educator (CME, CLE, CE) and author with over 300 bylines on asset protection business law and risk management who has personally taught thousands of doctors, lawyers and advisors on these issues. A sample of the professional organizations he has presented for includes the American College of Rheumatology, The American Education Institute (Multi-year faculty member and CME Presenter), ASMA, California Society of CPAs, The Arizona State Bar Association, the Financial Planning Association of Colorado, the Arizona Society of CPAs and the Financial Planning Association of Arizona. He also selectively provides private client presentations on these issues to various private entrepreneurial and investment groups for HNW business owners and entrepreneurs.

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