Who We Protect

“Asset Protection is
Net Worth Insurance.
Your Wealth can be safer.”

Asset Protection attorney Ike Devji and his associates protect a national client base comprised of literally thousands of clients representing billions of dollars in combined personal assets. In many cases, what Ike is protecting his clients from is their business, in other words, some form of professional liability.

Some clients are at risk by nature of simply being wealthy and visible, such as professional athletes, while others are subject to current social and economic climates, such as C-Level executives, and the greatest number simply realizes that there are some startling facts about our country and it’s legal system that makes it ripe for abuse by predators seeking to “win the lawsuit lottery”.

A small sample of specific clients includes:

  • Medical professionals of every type, including affluent Dentists and Chiropractors. Ike has taught Asset Protection to the clients of the nation’s leading dental and chiropractic management groups for many years;
  • Professional Athletes, Entertainers and Celebrities who have visible wealth and lifestyles;
  • C-Level executives and professionals in related wealth management businesses including principals at leading law firms;
  • Real Estate professionals including builders, developers and contractors;
  • Transportation business entrepreneurs: trucking, aviation, limousine, charter boats and yachts;
  • Owners of private businesses of all other types including manufacturing, network marketing, medical device sales and manufacture, food and nutritional supplements, restaurateurs, bar and nightclub owners, private security contractors, residential care facility operators…

What all these clients have in common is that they want to securitize the hard earned wealth that in many cases they have taken a lifetime to build. They wish to be free from fear so they can concentrate on their success, however each individual measures that for themselves and they want this help NOW while the best options are available.

Sample of Common Risk Factors Among Those Needing Asset Protection:

  • They are high net-worth, high liability, or they will be soon
  • They are highly visible, traceable, and/or collectible
  • They have assets that would be difficult to replace if lost or reduced
  • They have employees
  • They own their own business
  • They have professional liability
  • They own liability generating assets, i.e. rental property
  • They have children
  • They are single and need to back up their pre-nuptial planning
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