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Arizona advisors to the Affluent Jeff Christenson and Ike Devji selected as WORTH Magazine national “Leading Wealth & Legal Advisors”

Phoenix, AZ – JUNE 2009

Jeff Christenson, a Phoenix money manager and President of Christenson Wealth Management and Asset Protection Attorney Ike Devji, Executive V.P. of the Wealthy 100, Of-Counsel with the law firm of Lodmell & Lodmell have been selected by WORTH magazine as part of the Leading Wealth & Legal Advisor Program, a vetted venue for top wealth and legal advisors nationwide. This section is designed to introduce some of the country’s leading wealth advisors and attorneys to Worth readers and provide sound guidance on how to maximize advisor relationships. Christenson and Devji will contribute professional columns for the re-launched magazine which has been designed as the essential guide book for the ultra affluent throughout the year.

“Given what’s happened in the market since October, high net worth families are making tough decisions about their investment and legal advisors and the quality of advice they’re receiving,” said WORTH Publisher Patrick Williams. “Giving investors sound information about leading wealth and legal advisors Like Ike and Jeff will help them make a more informed choice when selecting an advisor or adding to their team.”

Devji, who helps protect billions of dollars for clients internationally and who ran one the largest Asset Protection only law firms in the country, agrees, “We find that our client’s needs are increasingly sophisticated and complex as their net worth grows and their business and personal interests and exposures diversify. We often work together to find and refine solutions for each other’s clients and that’s what makes us unique, the team approach and the best of class bench we have built to serve our clients as needed on an a-la-carte basis. That’s what our clients like about us and that’s what Patrick Williams and WORTH found unique about what we do”. Devji has quietly long been the go-to resource for some of Arizona’s wealthiest residents who are interested in proactively protecting their wealth both domestically and offshore.

WORTH has undergone a complete re-invention in the past few months with an aim to enlighten, inspire and serve a select group of high net worth individuals with an avid interest in the intelligent stewardship of their personal wealth. Featuring a contemporary design and compact format (7.875 inches X 10.5 inches) and printed on paper typically reserved for books, the magazine is geared to be an elegant, practical and portable resource for dynamic CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors.

Christenson and Devji, although in different fields, often work together to meet the varied and sophisticated needs of their high net worth clients both in Arizona and across the United States. “Our clients are leaders in every imaginable industry; medicine, real-estate, executives, professional athletes and entertainers and even others in our own businesses”, said Christenson, a 15 year veteran of the financial services industry. “What they all have in common is that they have spent a great deal of time and effort becoming successful and turn to us help them stay that way”.

The duo look forward to being part of the distinguished WORTH community and continuing the work they are known for and which their clients see as more essential than ever.

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