Podcast: Asset Protection, Crypto, Trusts and Alternative Investments

Podcast Asset Protection Ike Devji


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Asset protection attorney Ike Devji was a recent guest on the Business Roundtable Podcast Hosted by Matt Battaglia and was joined by attorney Michael Ferrin. Ferrin and Devji work closely on a variety of issues for business owners including helping clients predictably build, protect and pass on significant wealth before and after business exits. Separately featured on the show was Scottsdale Financial advisor Denver Nowicz. Denver shared insights gained over 20 years of experience as a financial advisor and addressed issues like crypto investing, business tax structure planing and passive versus active real estate investing.

Topics Covered This Week: 

  • Alternative Investments like Crypto, and techniques of Staking & Mining
  • Real Estate Deals – AirBnB & BRBO, vacation rentals, use AirDNA site for info
  • Asset Protection – defend vs lawsuits, creditor protection
  • Deferred Sales Trust – Sec. 453 receive payments in installments to defer taxes
  • Tax & Estate Planning (w/ exemption)


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