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You’ve heard me say it before, you can be sued by anyone for any reason, or no reason at all. The height of frivolous lawsuits against doctors is illustrated in the links below.

The story is simple; a pregnant woman goes to the hospital and has complications during childbirth. Her doctor and medical team does everything right, saves the baby and the mother.

Does she thank them? NO she sues the doctor and the hospital. So much for the popular myth of , “I work at a hospital so I can’t be sued”.

Why would she do that? Because her alleged religious beliefs conflicted with the transfusions that were required to save her and her child.


Here’s what the judge wisely said:

“The plaintiff’s argument, taken to its logical conclusion, is that the doctor should have allowed her [the mother of two children] to die rather than give her an ‘allogenic’ blood transfusion,” state Supreme Court Justice Joseph J. Maltese wrote in a decision handed down Thursday.


Read the whole story on this B.S. lawsuit here – then get your armour on.

Given the economy and the number of firms now financing lawsuits and giving loans against future lawsuit awards – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. – Ike

and another version  :

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  1. Thank you as always Ike, for keeping us informed. Frivolous law suits create a huge ripple effect through our entire judicial system. Somehow people think it is their constitutional right to bog down courts waste taxpayers money and take valuable resources away from those who truly are in need of exercising their rights. Too bad there isn’t a way to better “filter” the B.S. cases before they are allowed to go to court. It would seem that expending those additional resources on the front end would free up multiple times the time and resources within our court system.

    ~Chris Amato

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