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@KevinMKruse No, but this did. Alabama got 5,000 rotten, expired masks.
@RadioFreeTom Treasonous, one might even say. This couldn’t have gone any more poorly if it was intentionally desig…
This will be an important physician lead webinar for many physician practice owners whose financial stability has b…
Even homeowners could be in danger of lawyers trying to cash in on coronavirus #lawsuits #AssetProtection
Flights from China into the United States continue uninterrupted contrary to Whitehouse claims. #CoronavirusUSA
As exposed health care workers seek legal remedies, who's legally liable for lack of personal protective equipment?…
@drmoneymatters @chadhayesmd Sounds like there will be some estate sales in your neighborhood soon then.
RT @washingtonpost:It took 70 days from initial notification for Trump to treat the coronavirus not as a distant threat or harmless fl…
RT @Steve_Savant:Taking a loan from your 401(k)? How to do it smartly The CARES Act allows you to take a 401(k) loan of up to $100,0…

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