People Don’t Live In Delaware. But They Keep Their Money There.

We see lots of discussion about the “best” legal & financial jurisdictions. If you are familiar with my writing or the work we do in protecting billions of dollars for our clients you know what I think of most domestic jurisdictions and that we think that they have little or no value for Asset Protection despite any nominee corporation b.s. and promises of secrecy that the snake-oil salesmen in various states pedal.

The link below is to an interesting piece about Delaware, which is also now promising Asset Protection through domestic asset protection trusts that we never use because they fly in the face of full faith and credit laws and we don’t want our clients to be test cases.

Yours, Ike

See the story here on DEALBREAKER:

Its beaches don’t compare with those of Bermuda or the Cayman Islands. You can’t ski there. But the most boring state in the union is best damned tax shelter on earth.

The First State is finally first at something else, according to the Tax Justice Network. It’s the best place for non-Americans to hide from their taxmen, earning the august moniker, “most secretive financial jurisdiction.”

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