Film Producer Ordered to Pay $3 Million in Sexual Harassment Suit

Asset Protection | Film Producer Ordered to Pay Million in Sexual Harassment Suit

The headline could have read 100 different ways, with “Producer” substituted with “CEO” , “Athlete” or even “Doctor”. Imagine this was you, or the CEO or an exeuctive of your closely held business.

I won’t pretend to know all the facts of the case, but I know that this type of claim is often an extortion racket. The average sexual harassment verdict is $530K and employees win most of the time.


Remember, it’s a “he-said, she-said” game where a group of strangers is going to look at you and decide if they believe you or the person accusing you more that day, or if they like your lawyer more, or if you look like someone they don’t like…

Yes, it’s often that human and subjective an equation.  God forbid the accuser is attractive;  it makes that person beleivable, regardless of proof or facts.

In many cases the person accused writes a big fat check to “settle”  and avoid the expense, exposure and reputtational damage, not to mention what it does to their family.

  So how do we stop this? 

1. Don’t act in a way that creates opportunity for others to sue you;

2. Have clearly defined employment, conduct and employee dispute resolution policies that control how these issues are addressed;

3. Be a hard target that is UNCOLLECTIBLE – in advance of the threat ever being dreamed up.


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