Asset Protection, Gun Ownership and Parental Liability

Asset Protection | Asset Protection, Gun Ownership and Parental Liability

In the tragic and horrifying wake of the recent series of public and school shootings many people are reexamining their rights and duties and parents and gun owners. The essential legal question is, “Am I liable for criminal acts committed by my children?”, in my opinion the answer is generally yes.

If an an act or omission on your part is central to the harm and allowed it to happen or provided the means for you child to do so, expect to bear the financial costs in addition to the loss and grief it will cause your family and others it will affect.

Those of you who know me or my work probably know that I’m a staunch and vocal supporter of the 2nd amendment and the rights it confers upon us. I also view that right as carrying the heaviest of responsibilities in making sure that the guns we own are safe from the hands of children, fools and evil doers.

Below are some articles that will explain the financial and legal risks, if the responsibility for the safety of others alone is not enough to move you, as well as provide some essential safety tips for both parents who own guns and all gun owners. Get a gun safe, limit access to it, control your weapons at all times or you are simply not responsible enough to own one.

Ike Devji

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