Are 529 plans creditor protected? Maybe.

529 and College Savings Plans | Are 529 plans creditor protected? Maybe.

529 plansAsset Protection attorney Ike Devji was recently quoted in financial author Geri Detweiler’s article on creditor protection of 529 college savings plans that appeared at Yahoo Finance and among several other sites.



The article explores the often complex and confusing laws surrounding the creditor protection of 529 plans and other college savings plans.  As college, high school and even grade school costs for those placing their children in the best private schools have climbed sharply this has become an increasingly important issue to the affluent individuals we serve. In Phoenix, the top ten private schools have grade school tuition as high as $24,000 a year, other markets are even higher.  If this issue is of concern to you as a parent, guardian or grandparent, it’s time to understand the law and look at alternatives, like trust structures that may give your family the peace of mind you want about educational expenses.

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