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Call Us Today: (602) 808-5540

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Pro Asset Protection

Welcome and congratulations on taking an important step towards preserving your hard earned assets from a universe of infinite risk. If you have been fortunate enough to accumulate a significant amount of wealth or are on your way to doing so, you need to make sure that you never take a step backwards. Attorney Ike Devji can help ensure that you have the greatest hedges possible against a predatory litigation system that uses your wealth as a “product” to sell to consumers with promises of big lawsuit payoffs as well as the ever changing social, political and economic variables that threaten your wealth. Do you have “Net Worth Insurance”? Most successful… [Read More]

What We Do

It’s Not Just What You Make, It’s Also What You Keep. As an Asset Protection lawyer, Ike’s primary concerns are related to all litigation, professional liability and estate planning exposures. Using a holistic approach however, he finds any preventable source of loss, risk or exposure unacceptable. Many clients equate a complete Asset Protection analysis with Ike to an executive health check up for their… [Read More]

Who We Protect

“Asset Protection is Net Worth Insurance. Your Wealth can be safer.” Asset Protection attorney Ike Devji and his associates protect a national client base comprised of literally thousands of clients representing billions of dollars in combined personal assets. In many cases, what Ike is protecting his clients from is their business, in other words, some form of professional liability. Some clients are at risk… [Read More]

Our Strategic Partners

The following is a small sample of some of the key “best of class” strategic partners including lawyers, CPAs and financial advisors we work with all over the United States to help protect clients and help advisors offer the widest possible range of solutions and resources. If you would like to know more about one of these proven resources please visit their website. If you are an advisor that would like to know… [Read More]

Asset Protection for Doctors

Asset Protection lawyer Ike Devji and his associates have been the choice of literally thousands of medical professionals in every imaginable specialty including M.D., D.D.S. and D.C., to name just a few.[Read More]

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Ike is a powerful and charismatic communicator with the integrity and wisdom to guide those he works with to accomplish more than they believe is possible. I recommend him without reservation.” – Ali Shulman… [Read More]

Reputation & Recognition

Ike Devji and his professional partners bring over a century of combined experience to identifying and creating monolithic barriers against the things, people and events that pose threats to the wealth of those he serves… [Read More]

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