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“Ike Devji is an asset and wealth protection attorney who is second to none in his industry. Ike understands finance and wealth protection better than anyone I have ever spoken to, done business with, or learned from. Just as important is the fact that Ike ALWAYS looks out for his client’s well being before that of himself. Literally all of my clients who I referred to Ike report that his insightfulness knows no bounds and his positive and informative nature makes dealing with difficult issues something that the clients are not afraid to do as Ike guides them through the financial maze of asset and wealth planning. I am very much pleased with the advice and services Ike Devji has provided me and my clients. I will continue to work with Ike Devji for as long as he remains willing to assist me and my clients. I recommend that you immediately contact Ike to set up an appointment to discuss your asset and wealth protection strategy. I am near certain that a simple review with Ike will result in an improved, more stable, and better paying wealth and asset protection plan. I 100% unequivocally receommend Ike Devji.”

July 20, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Mike Troncellito

hired Ike as an Attorney in 2008

“I have worked with Ike for almost 10 years. For several of those years he served as the Managing Attorney of my Law Firm, Lodmell & Lodmell. I can say without reservation that Ike exemplifies the type of commitment to his craft which I have witnessed in few professionals. I am proud to day that to this day, Ike and I still work together and our firms remain closely connected. If you happen to be lucky enough to have Ike as your lead counsel for Asset Protection you truly have the best.”

July 6, 2010

Douglass Lodmell

Owner, Lodmell & Lodmell

was with another company when working with Ike

“For several years, I have worked with Ike to put together asset protection plans for common clients. Ike is a top notch attorney and an insightful business advisor. I can vouch for his integrity and good character. I would not hesitate to refer a client to Ike or to use him personally as my trusted advisor.”

September 16, 2009

Phillip Guttilla

Attorney/Partner, Ryley Carlock & Applewhite

was with another company when working with Ike

“At the time I worked with Ike he was directly responsible for educating me on the subject of Asset Protection Analysis. Ike “showed up” for each and every client. Large or small, everyone received his best advice and attention. Working with Ike is “the” definition of “professional.” I recommend him to anyone that understands that protecting your assets is just not an option.”

March 17, 2009

Paul Edwards

Owner, The Center For Employment Dispute Resolution

reported to Ike

“Ike is personal, knowledgeable and respects your relationship with your client! He continues to drive efforts to make sure that the work gets done with the client, and keeps you in the loop, making sure you’re always up to speed and looking good. I would not hesitate to use Ike again!”

February 17, 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Expert

Sterling Louviere

hired Ike as a Attorney in 2008

“Ike Devji is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced Asset Protection attorney. I know him well and can personally attest to his integrity, knowledge and abilities. I have referred many clients to Ike who needed Asset Protection and he saved them from daunting liabilities. I have genuine confidence in him and his professional abilities.”

December 1, 2008
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

David Grosse

hired Ike as a Attorney in 2004

“Ike is very smart, knowledgeable and ethical. In his area of expertise, that is very important — especially if you want your planning to actually work. The stakes are, by definition, high if you are seeking asset protection, and you don’t want to work with a rookie or dabbler. There are none better than Ike Devji who is a consummate professional.”

November 23, 2008

John Greene

Attorney, Buchalter Nemer

worked with Ike

“I have known Ike for over ten years. He is an absolute professional in the work that he does and I would not hesitate to send my family, friends and clients to him for all their needs regarding asset protection planning and concerns.”

November 22, 2008

Julie LaFave

Student, Arizona State University College of Law

was with another company when working with Ike

“Ike came through with a proposal that another agent that I had been working with for almost 20 yrs did not pickup on, this changed my whole portfolio drastically. I recommend him highly and without reservations”

November 21, 2008
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value

Gulshan Harjee

hired Ike as a Attorney in 2008

“Ike is the best asset protection attorney in the country; smart, ethical, and full of common sense and practical applications. Ike is a client educator who works well with others, and continues to stay open minded to ideas and solutions. Ike is a class act. If you have income or assets to protect, you must spend an hour with Ike Devji.”

June 10, 2008

Jeff Christenson

President, Christenson Wealth Management

worked directly with Ike

“Ike Devji is the Einstein of asset protection.”

May 5, 2008

Eric Johnson

Attorney, Eric L. Johnson, PLLC

was with another company when working with Ike

“We started working with Ike because he is an Asset Protection Specialist, a field that we have become very interested in for our wealthier clients. Ike has come up and spoken at 5 different event so far and they have all been a huge hit. The thing we and our clients like about Ike is that he is extremely knowledgable in his field and does an excellent job of explaining it not to mention the fact that he is a very nice guy (I can’t say that about too many attorneys).”

April 7, 2008

Brian Lockett

Financial Advisor, Comprehensive Wealth Management

was with another company when working with Ike

“CFO has been concerned for several years about asset protection issues for doctors. We have researched and vetted numerous alternatives, and for various reasons have not been fully satisfied. Over the past year, we at CFO have come to know Ike Devji, Attorney and his professional colleagues. Our vetting and now experience reveal Ike and his team to be among the leading and best regarded attorneys, focusing exclusively in asset protection matters. We at CFO feel Ike and his team offers strategies in sync with and focused upon the needs of our doctor clients. Ike has also worked as a plaintiff’s litigator, and understands how the system works. I enjoy getting positive feedback on a regular basis from CFO’s doctor-clients.”

April 5, 2008

J. Michael Stolp

President & CEO, CFO Solutions Inc

was with another company when working with Ike

“Ike has the unique skill of taking a subject that is difficult for many to understand–asset protection–and making it quite clear. He is good at pointing out the risks that high net worth individuals have, without sounding draconian or as if the sky was falling. He then shows them concrete, pragmatic, simple solutions that can be implemented to protect assets from loss.

Ike is a team player. He proactively looks for information that can make a difference for me and my clients and sends it. A rare skill for many attorneys, Ike thinks outside the box and doesn’t just do things the way things have always have been done. He researches cutting edge strategies, but does not shy away from the tried and true.

Bottom line: Ike is a great asset protection attorney. And knowing him is an asset to my firm.”

October 18, 2007

Steve Beatty

President, InVEST–Financial Solutions for Business

was with another company when working with Ike

“Ike and his associates are very highly educated, great presenters and have a tremendous willingness to help Advisors, families, and businesses succeed. I hired Ike to speak at our Top Advisory conference this year after hearing him speak last year. I would highly recomend his services for anyone looking for advanced estate planning and asset proctection.”

July 10, 2007
Top qualities: Personable, Expert

Carolyn Armitage


hired Ike as a Attorney in 2007

“Ike is a powerful and charismatic communicator with the integrity and wisdom to guide those he works with to accomplish more than they believe is possible. I recommend him without reservation.”

March 10, 2008

Ali Shulman

Asset Protection Attorney , Lodmell & Lodmell PC


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