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Asset Protection | Cincinnati Reds’ Aroldis Chapman sued for M – Asset Protection – MLB

It never ends. The MINUTE you make it the hands come out, the “investment opportunities” come pouring in, you are smarter, more handsome and more interesting than ever… and a group of people start working on a plan to separate you from your money.

 We work with a variety of professional athletes and continually warn them about both lifestyle related exposures, like driving 100 MPH, and the danger of being rich and visible. Once again, the exposure comes from someone close. I hope his business manager got him some asset protection when he signed his contract. If he’s like most, probabaly not. More thought goes into car shopping than wealth preservation for most people. – IKE


A major league pitcher who defected from Cuba has been sued for $18 million by a Cuban-American man who blames the player for his imprisonment on the communist island.

 The lawsuit was filed last week in Miami federal court against Aroldis Chapman, a left-handed pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. The lawsuit claims that Chapman falsely accused Danilo Curbelo Garcia of involvement in human trafficking, leading to his 2008 arrest and conviction in Cuba. Curbelo Garcia is serving a 10-year sentence.


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