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Call Us Today: (602) 808-5540

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Welcome and congratulations on taking an important step towards preserving your hard earned assets from a universe of infinite risk. If you have been fortunate enough to accumulate a significant amount of wealth or are on your way to doing so, you need to make sure that you never take a step backwards.

Attorney Ike Devji and his team can help ensure that you have the greatest hedges possible against a predatory litigation system that uses your wealth as a “product” to sell to consumers with promises of big lawsuit payoffs as well as the ever changing social, political and economic variables that threaten your wealth.

Do you have “Net Worth Insurance”?

Most successful individuals reading this would never dream of leaving their home or business , unlocked, driving an uninsured vehicle, exposing their personal financial information or living without any of the countless other safety measures we all engage in automatically every day.

Surprisingly, many of these same exceptionally talented and successful individuals have never taken proactive steps to protect their assets, essentially leaving the greatest part of their wealth exposed to chance or the reach of others.

If you are reading this you are likely concerned about your own assets or are one of the many professionals in the legal, accounting or financial advisory industries that relies on Asset Protection Attorney Ike Devji to protect their clients. The first step is simple, just call or email for an initial consultation: (602) 808-5540.

What have you done about your LIFE Planning? (Beyond Traditional Estate Planning)

While Asset Protection often incorporates tools seen in estate planning its purpose is very different and it achieves things that even the best traditional estate plans on their own, cannot.

Estate planning traditionally is about important post-death goals like minimizing estate taxes and making sure your wishes are carried out when you are gone, including who gets what and when.

Asset Protection planning on the other hand is Life Planning. It allows you to live and practice your profession as safely and fearlessly as possible during your lifetime and creates barriers or firewalls between your family and its wealth and the people, events and things that pose a threat to it.

Ike’s view is that Asset Protection and estate planning work hand in hand, with Asset Protection making sure that you get to keep and enjoy your wealth during your lifetime and estate planning making sure those you care about get the fruits of your labors when you are gone.

If you’ve already addressed your estate planning Ike Devji can help make sure your existing wishes and tools are integrated into your Asset Protection plan, check for any tools required that you may already have in place and help add additional surety to the planning you have already done so you know what you plan to leave will actually be there.

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