Warning For Employers: Service Helps Job Applicants Lie to You

Warning For Employers:

Service Helps Job Applicants

Lie to You

Please read this important warning about a troubling web site brought to my attention by my friend and employment law expert Rachel Weiss. Many of my clients have employees that are in sensitive positions, and whose actions can potentially place those I serve in jeopardy – this service creates huge liability. I’d love to see the owners of the company below SUED when one of their “clients” kills or injures someone or creates some other harm, theft or loss because they got a job based on the false history and credentials they created. This is especially terrifying for medical businesses.

Thanks, Ike

If any of you are involved in any way with your company’s hiring process, you need to be aware of a service called Career Excuse.

Career Excuse essentially provides job applicants with a completely or partially fabricated work history, complete with fake company names and fake references with phone numbers.

Real people will answer your phone calls and confirm whatever the applicant states in his or her resume. Career Excuse has become so popular that they’re not taking new “subscribers” at this time. (Of course, individuals currently filling out applications and submitting resumes may already be signed up).

Visit their website – CareerExcuse.com – for more information. In particular, read the “What If I Get Caught?” page, which assures its clients that lying on a resume is not a crime.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about this or any other employment or litigation issue. Rachel R. Weiss (602) 256-4448 rweiss@gblaw.com

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