Teen who takes stolen drugs at party sues pharmacy, parents of party host and others, WINS $4.1MM

Teen who takes stolen drugs at party sues pharmacy, parents of party host and others, wins $4.1MM http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/12/saddle_river_man_to_receive_41.html

The article  link above shows the scope and zeal of lawsuits that seek to assign blame in their quest for a deep pocket. In this case, a former employee of a pharmacy steals drugs (Xanax) and takes them to a party. At that party the Plaintiff in this case (Simon) willingly ingests the drugs that were stolen by a former employee of the pharmacy.

 The result? See the excerpt below:

Simon sued the pharmacy for not taking proper precautions to avoid the theft of drugs. He also sued several guests, the party’s host and the host’s parents, who were away for the weekend.

All of them will contribute toward the settlement except the host’s father, who wasn’t living at the home at the time.

Silvana Raso, another attorney representing Simon, said her client shares responsibility for taking the drugs. But she said the case should serve as a cautionary tale for parents whose children host parties at their homes.

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