What Medical Practices Must Know About RAC Audits and Insurance

 Medical Billing & Collections, Risk Management By Ike Devji, JD   In a series of recent discussions we have examined exposures like ELPI Insurance, cyber liability insurance, and the need for directors and officers coverage by many physicians and practice owners. Continuing our examination of commonly overlooked medical practice risk management issues we turn to […]

Doctors Pleading To Misdemeanors for Heath Care Fraud – Fight or Settle?

We are in the golden age of health care fraud prosecution as means of revenue and income protection by both the government and insurance companies. Doctors are increasingly  in a position where they need to make a decision to fight or settle, regardless of the veracity of the claim or the actual intent involved. This article sheds […]

Do You Know the Basics of Long-Term Care?

 Guest Author Raymond Lavine     Long term care may affect you or your loved one. You need to know what it’s all about so you can start taking action based on your circumstance. So here’s a quick overview.What do we mean by long term care? It means you need help performing your activities of […]