GUN TRUSTS: Their Value and Use to Gun Owners and Planners

70 SeriesGreat informative article by attorney Dennis Brislaw on the use of “Gun Trusts” by lawyers and their clients.

A Gun Trust Helps Protect Your Client from “An Accidental Felony”



We will soon be offering these to our clients as well for a variety of reasons including:

 1. A large number of our clients own guns and exercise their second amendment freedoms;

2. Many of those clients have a significant investment in their gun collections, especially those who have large collections or own NFA or Class III items;

3. Many clients have expressed uncertainty about the way they hold their firearms and their future ability to own and transfer their gun collections given the national assault on the second Amendment (I think it’s pretty clear what side I’m on, don’t you?).

Ike Devji

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