Year-End Tax-Scams Targeting Doctors and Business Owners

 The year-end planning rush so familiar to physicians has many pitfalls including a variety of serious tax scams. Some scams covertly target you externally, while others are actually brought to doctors and business owners by their own would-be advisors; today we provide some red flags to look out for on both fronts. This is part […]

U.S. Citizen Thinking Of Expatriating? Important Articles on What it Means

Due to the nature of our practice with thousands of Americans we have safely helped use a variety of tools including offshore trusts in a safe and legal way, we get lots of questions about expatriation. Our position remains the same;  the best of usage of these tools is tax neutral and provides surety while allowing […]

Shelf Corporations, Nevada, Wyoming and other Asset Protection FAILS

The Secretary of State’s Securities Division has issued a cease and desist order to a Wyoming company doing business in Nevada to stop selling shell corporations registered with his office because it is a securities violation.

A Doctor’s Guide to Navigating Offshore Waters Safely – Asset Protection

A Doctor’s Guide to Navigating Offshore Waters Safely By Ike Devji, J.D. | April 19, 2011 In the world of physicians’ legal and financial planning there is no term as simultaneously oversold, feared, and misunderstood as “offshore.” This is especially true at tax time, as all doctors and their practice managers have been bombarded by […]

People Don’t Live In Delaware. But They Keep Their Money There.

We see lots of discussion about the “best” legal & financial jurisdictions. If you are familiar with my writing or the work we do in protecting billions of dollars for our clients you know what I think of most domestic jurisdictions and that we think that they have little or no value for Asset Protection […]


The IRS is currently running a “Voluntary Disclosure Opportunity” that expires October 15, 2009. You have likely heard reference to this amnesty event in the context of allowing those with “secret” offshore accounts (see my other posts on this amateur practice) to report them and get square with the tax man – but there are […]