What Could Bravo’s ‘The Queen of Versailles’ have to do with Asset Protection?

Quite a bit actually as it shows the stupidity of reckless excess spending, the importance of having cash (even for the rich) and the failure of most contemporary estate planners and business lawyers to plan ahead and think defensively, yes even the super smart ones who work only with rich people. – Ike Devji   […]

Current FDIC Deposit Insurance Coverage Limits – Asset Protection and Your Bank

FDIC Deposit Insurance Coverage A common and reasonable question we get from clients is on the safety and solvency of their bank and what exactly is protected by FDIC insurance limits and for how long.  The current limits were created in 2008 to prevent a run on the banks due to economic panic. The placebo worked, […]

Hidden Assets, Buried Gold, Stuffed Safes and Other Asset Protection and Estate Plans FAILS

The article below is by Attorney Mike King, and shares some detail on the legal issues surrounding intestate property and especially that which is “hidden” and undisclosed. My expectation is that this will be a common story for the next twenty years plus as many people who are currently accumulating and “hiding” assets like gold, jewels, […]

How to Motivate and Retain Employees During Uncertain Economic Times

By Deanna Hagan and Michael LaVance The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced that employers added only 18,000 new jobs in June, the fewest in nine months and far below the 100,000 predicted by analysts. The unemployment rate remained just over 9 percent, with more than 14 million people unemployed.  This disappointing news may point […]

Asset Protection & Investing; What’s Your Defensive Position?

I’m not a financial advisor but I work with some of the best ones in the United States because they often have clients that understand the finite and fragile nature of wealth and that we must take proactive steps to protect it.  One of the top financial advisors I regularly turn to for solutions and […]

Seller Financing in Today’s Luxury Home Market

 Buying and selling homes in AZ right now is tough for most people. Sure, the speculators with cash are out there outbidding you on the courthouse steps to protect their rentals and market share, but what if you are trying to buy or sell a fine home and are NOT a cash buyer? One way […]

9 Tips for Negotiating with Corporate Creditors

This is a great simple outline by my friend Sean Shepherd about negotiating with corporate creditors. As always, get good legal counsel and implement a professional asset protection plan NOW to help protect your family’s assets from an infinite universe of personal and professional exposure. – Ike Guest Column By Sean Shepherd Negotiating with creditors […]

Warning For Employers: Service Helps Job Applicants Lie to You

Warning For Employers: Service Helps Job Applicants Lie to You Please read this important warning about a troubling web site brought to my attention by my friend and employment law expert Rachel Weiss. Many of my clients have employees that are in sensitive positions, and whose actions can potentially place those I serve in jeopardy […]

Issuing a form 1099-C May Bar a Lender From Pursuing a Deficiency

This article came to me from my friend Attorney Phil Guttilla, a tax and estate attorney that is one of my go-to guys and who is helping people with the tax consequences of being part of entities that are in crisis due to the current market. Yours, Ike A recent Arizona Court of Appeals decision […]


ASSET PROTECTION UPDATERECESSION BUSINESS SURVIVAL PLAN© Ike Z. Devji, J.D. Another version of this went to my clients in December of 2007. I hope your advisors shared similar insights with you. As 2009 draws to a close we look back at the lessons learned and forward to new opportunities. Below are some critical points we […]