Asset Protection For Doctors: Ike Devji for Medical Economics

Asset Protection For Doctors

Asset Protection attorney Ike Devji’s recent articles on asset protection for physicians include the following for Medical Economics. It shares the 20/20 hindsight  gained by helping to protect the success and manage the risks of thousands of successful Physicians for nearly two decades. Experts have consistently warned us for several years that another recession was possible, […]

Asset Protection: Surviving A Coronavirus Recession

Asset Protection planning in many forms is vital during a recession. This three-minute video outlines the most predictable threats to your wealth and what you can still do today to protect your future. It is based on the personal experience of Attorney Ike Devji, who has spent nearly two decades practicing exclusively in the areas […]

Asset Protection for Your Medical Practice or Business , Learning To Fire the Right Way

By Ike Devji, J.D. Imagine that after two decades in business with 100 plus employees and not a single EEOC or employment complaint your business is facing a class action lawsuit by disgruntled former employees discharged for cause. Imagine that these employees call every other employee they can reach and try to get them to […]

Film Producer Ordered to Pay $3 Million in Sexual Harassment Suit

The headline could have read 100 different ways, with “Producer” substituted with “CEO” , “Athlete” or even “Doctor”. Imagine this was you, or the CEO or an exeuctive of your closely held business. I won’t pretend to know all the facts of the case, but I know that this type of claim is often an […]

Court decision helps shield employers with good policies against harrasment lawsuits

Once again we are shown that proactively addressing employment law (and all other business planing issues) helps provide the best Asset Protection available while the most effective options still exist. In this brief update, Employment law attorney Rachel Weiss shares a case that illustrates the value and cost efficiency of having the right tools in […]

How Many Lawsuits are There in the U.S. & What are They For?

The article below has a great summary of lawsuit facts that helps shed light on what all this “lawsuit and Asset Protection fuss” is about. Your wealth is the product being sold by attorneys nationwide, choose not to let them have it and take action. – Ike Devji (Reprinted with Permission from the Security […]


ASSET PROTECTION UPDATE – TOP ARIZONA LAWSUIT VERDICTS OF 2008We are continually surprised by the number of successful and educated business people and their advisors that underestimate the exposure they and they clients face just from “walking around rich” or even with just the appearance of wealth. We warn people about these exposures and seek […]

Understanding the Arizona Anti-Deficiency Statutes and What they Mean to YOU

We have many questions and conflicting interpretations of the Arizona Anti-Deficiency statutes and what they really mean and do. For clarification I turned to Attorney Neal Bookspan who is a partner at Phoenix law firm of Jaburg & Wilk and who handles a variety of business, bankruptcy and litigation issues. A link to Neal’s profile […]


We have seen that those who have weathered this storm most effectively and with a minimum amount of trauma shared several characteristics:– They and their advisors were aware of potential exposures and were proactive in addressing them;– They are able to make their personal, family overhead commitments from existing resources for an extended period of […]


Asset Protection 101 – What Every Agent and Manager Must Know Ike Z. Devji, J.D. © 2008 Your clients depend on you to be a source of information on a wide variety of complex topics. They assume, rightly or wrongly, that you are at least informed about every area even marginally related to your core […]