Arizona Employers: Is Your Workplace Ready for Medical Marijuana?

With the passage of Proposition 203, Arizona recently became the 15th state to legalize marijuana for certain medical uses. Guest Author Rachel Weiss, an employment lawyer with Gammage & Burnham, urges Arizona employers to educate themselves about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and how it will affect the workplace.  Is Your Workplace Ready for Medical […]

Employers Beware: The Department of Labor is Out to Get You

Employers often think they understand wage and hour laws, but the fine print is more complicated than they realize and can lead to serious legal and financial exposures.  When the new Secretary of Labor announced that “There’s a new sheriff in town,” she wasn’t kidding.  As Emloyment Law Attorney Rachel Weiss explains, employers would be wise to […]

Court decision helps shield employers with good policies against harrasment lawsuits

Once again we are shown that proactively addressing employment law (and all other business planing issues) helps provide the best Asset Protection available while the most effective options still exist. In this brief update, Employment law attorney Rachel Weiss shares a case that illustrates the value and cost efficiency of having the right tools in […]

Warning For Employers: Service Helps Job Applicants Lie to You

Warning For Employers: Service Helps Job Applicants Lie to You Please read this important warning about a troubling web site brought to my attention by my friend and employment law expert Rachel Weiss. Many of my clients have employees that are in sensitive positions, and whose actions can potentially place those I serve in jeopardy […]


Massive increase in the use of social media for both business and personal use has created many new issues for employers. As our clients include thousands of business owners affected by these new tools and the liability they create, we turned to Employment Law expert, Attorney Rachel Weiss for a quick outline of current issues. […]