Shelf Corporations, Nevada, Wyoming and other Asset Protection FAILS

The Secretary of State’s Securities Division has issued a cease and desist order to a Wyoming company doing business in Nevada to stop selling shell corporations registered with his office because it is a securities violation.

The Double Edged Sword of Doctors’ Affluence – Asset Protection

Two recent articles caught my attention and brought into focus many of the topics I write about and address through planning for Physicians across the country. The first was a nationally published article on the highest paying jobs in the United States that ran in various incarnations in a variety of news sources. That article […]

Florida Court: Insurer of Physician is not obligated to indemnify based on business liability policy’s professional services exclusion

The District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida (the “Appeals Court”) recently affirmed the trial court’s determination that a doctor’s business owner insurer was not obligated to indemnify the doctor for a wrongful death suit that resulted, in part, from the mis-filing of laboratory results by the doctor’s assistant, although it did have […]

How Many Lawsuits are There in the U.S. & What are They For?

The article below has a great summary of lawsuit facts that helps shed light on what all this “lawsuit and Asset Protection fuss” is about. Your wealth is the product being sold by attorneys nationwide, choose not to let them have it and take action. – Ike Devji (Reprinted with Permission from the Security […]