THE VAULT: Asset Protection, Cash Alternatives and Life Insurance – UPDATED

In the week ending august 14th another 24 Billion dollars left the securities market for the relative perceived safety of cash. These billions  of dollars simply added to the trillions of dollars already allocated that way because of fears of instability in the securities and real estate markets.  This large liquidity position has not gone un-noticed, unfortunately […]

Baby Boomers to lose $3 Trillion Caring for Aging Parents

   I encourage all my clients to have as much Long Term Care (LTC) insurance as they can afford. I think the conventional wisdom of , “they are wealthy enough to self-insure”, is stupid. My perspective is that if you are wealthy enough NOT to self self-insure, don’t. It’s smarter to fix your costs and […]

Four Key Team Members Every Medical Practice Needs

By Ike Devji, J.D. | June 7, 2011 Every medical practice has a variety of specialized team members that handle patient intake, billing, collections, office management, and, of course, the delivery of the actual medical care itself. In the best medical practices this system is continually refined and each member is carefully selected and trained […]

The Top Five Financial Mistakes Made by Doctors

Whenever possible I like to get short lists of good or bad behavior or patterns that we can share with our clients and advisor partners from professionals in other areas. In a an environment of decreasing compensation and increasing overhead and litigation, good money habits are more important to doctors than ever before. Below, my […]

What You Must Know about Life Insurance Policy Conversions – Estate Planning

  The importance of working with legal and financial professionals that really do their homework is more important than ever before as Americans are taking estate planning seriously, reviewing the economic effieicney and being “pitched” a variety of options. Insurance expert Ed Hinerman shared some great tips and caveats with us below.  – Ike Devji   […]

Protecting the innocent – Due Dilligence & Investment Fraud

Insider threats cost business $4bn each year Hacker skims 35,000 customer credit card numbers 14 Business bank accounts wiped out by phishing scheme Investors scammed out of $14mm in ponzi scheme Man with history of fraud hired as CFO ‘disappears’ Taking $2mm From Company Vendor employees steal client’s proprietary data; sells to foreign government All […]


  IT’S NOT JUST WHAT YOU MAKE; IT’S ALSO WHAT YOU KEEP.  With the economic impact of the new healthcare laws and the President’s final 2011 budget uncertain, practice owners and managers would be well served to focus their attention at this time on profit retention strategies. The thousands of doctors we serve are facing […]


The U.S. Labor Department publishes 10 signs that your 401(k) retirement account may be subject to fraud: 1) Your quarterly 401(k) statement is consistently late or comes at irregular intervals. 2) Your account balance appears to be inaccurate. 3) Your employer failed to transmit your contribution to the plan on a timely basis. 4) A […]


The following is a basic “must have” checklist (in no order) that most of our business owner and physician clients find to be indispensable. Many sources of loss or exposure can be easily planned for and addressed in a proactive manner.The days of opening your doors and simply running a cash register are long gone; […]


ASSET PROTECTION UPDATERECESSION BUSINESS SURVIVAL PLAN© Ike Z. Devji, J.D. Another version of this went to my clients in December of 2007. I hope your advisors shared similar insights with you. As 2009 draws to a close we look back at the lessons learned and forward to new opportunities. Below are some critical points we […]