Why The Sky is NOT Falling on Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

There’s always a new “landmark” case that’s blown out of proportion, the Alaska case Battley v. Mortensen merely supports existing U.S. law on the 10 year look-back in bankruptcy, if it surprised your Asset Protection planner you need better help, it’s been on the books for years. As for Banruptcy protection in general I tell my […]

Life insurance proceeds received by limited partnership not included in gross estate of insured limited partner

In Private Letter Rulings 200947006 & 200948001, the IRS considered whether a series of transactions among a partnership, corporations and trusts which altered the ownership and beneficiary designations of two life insurance policies required inclusion of the policies in the insured’s estate. See the Whole Article here: http://tinyurl.com/y865vlp

Estate Tax to Temporarily Expire Until Next Year – Now the Really Bad News

Given the depressed value of many real estate and investment portfolios, there has never been a more tax efficient and advantageous time to implement the right kind of estate planning, start transferring assets at their current value and improve and tune up the life insurance components of your planning, here’s why: The 45 percent tax […]


© 2009 Ike Z. Devji, J.D. The tool is one part of a set of tools that forms an individually tailored system. The LP IS NOT a miracle cure that can answer all your problems and hold any kind of asset you care to stuff into it, contrary to what you might read on the […]