LIfe Insurance for Doctors and Business Owners – Key Due Dilligence Questions for Buyers

The last two weeks of the year is high selling season for life insurance polices as doctors rush to fund various retirement plans and as advisers take advantage of year-end wealth-transfer opportunities and favorable deals sometimes available from insurance companies. Knowing the right questions to ask about an insurance policy is a key issue for […]

Are money market funds still FDIC-insured? – Asset Protection

Question: A few years ago, I remember hearing that money market funds were covered by FDIC protection just like certificates of deposit and savings accounts. Are money market funds still FDIC-insured? The short answer is no, money market fund holders don’t have the same (very limited) guarantees that holders of CDs, money market deposit accounts, […]

THE VAULT: Asset Protection, Cash Alternatives and Life Insurance – UPDATED

In the week ending august 14th another 24 Billion dollars left the securities market for the relative perceived safety of cash. These billions  of dollars simply added to the trillions of dollars already allocated that way because of fears of instability in the securities and real estate markets.  This large liquidity position has not gone un-noticed, unfortunately […]

Ike Devji’s Article Featured Nationally on Financial Advisor Match

The Article: Creditor Protected Cash Alternative and Wealth Multiplier? Was picked and published on FinancialAdvisorMatch.Com as of this AM. Click here to see the article in full :


“What is an alternative to my current cash position that will protect my money from litigation?” By Ike Devji, J.D. Note: this article originally appeared in WORTH magazine, you can see the original here: In our current economic environment, all clients want their money both safe and liquid. When most people consider “safe” and […]