Year-End Tax Plan Sales Targeting Doctors, Business Owners

Year End Sales Hustle

The last quarter of the year is historically an active time for physicians and business owners and their tax, legal and financial advisors. Given increased regulatory issues, I.R.S. scrutiny and increased fraud, it’s vital that you do some basic due diligence before you pull out your checkbook. Doctors are heavily solicited for a variety of tax and […]

Captives and Physicians: Choosing Jurisdiction and Type


By Ike Devji, JD | August 7, 2012      Physicians are always being promised the holy grail of asset protection, tax savings, and growth. One vehicle often attributed with all these qualities is the captive insurance company (captive). In our last three discussions we introduced three key issues to consider regarding the creation of […]

An Introduction To Captive Insurance Companies

Asset Protection

Thanks largely to expanding educational efforts among financial advisors and CPAs, one increasingly popular option for medical practices that are looking for increased insurance coverage, asset protection, and potential tax advantages is a tool known as a captive insurance company (captive). Widely marketed to all doctors, the captive is a complex and heavily regulated tool […]

Is a Captive Insurance Company a Fit for Your Business or Medical Practice?


In our two previous discussions we introduced the general concept of a captive insurance company (captive) as well as specific qualifying questions to help doctors pick a good captive administrator. This week we examine some key issues that can help determine if your specific medical practice is at the point where a captive may create […]

Questions to ask Captive Insurance Provider – Asset Protection – Due Dilligence


We continue last week’s look at captive insurance companies as an asset protection, risk management, and wealth accumulation vehicle for physicians by providing some basic due diligence questions. I am frequently called upon by clients to provide an opinion or sit in on a call or meeting with a prospective captive provider. Sometimes I am […]