FDIC Warns of Fraud Emails to Bank Account Holders

E-mails fraudulently claiming to be from the FDIC are attempting to get recipients to click on a link, which may ask them to provide sensitive personal information. These e-mails falsely indicate that FDIC deposit insurance is suspended until the requested customer information is provided. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has received numerous reports from […]

Why Professional Athletes and Entertainers May Start to Avoid the UK

Guest Column By Debra Callicut Partner Henry & Horne, LLP It has been reported that Usain Bolt turned down an opportunity to run at a UK athletics event as the tax he would suffer filing as a nonresident earner of the UK could have potentially exceeded his UK earnings.  The reason behind this apparent unfair tax […]

Protecting the innocent – Due Dilligence & Investment Fraud

Insider threats cost business $4bn each year Hacker skims 35,000 customer credit card numbers 14 Business bank accounts wiped out by phishing scheme Investors scammed out of $14mm in ponzi scheme Man with history of fraud hired as CFO ‘disappears’ Taking $2mm From Company Vendor employees steal client’s proprietary data; sells to foreign government All […]

Do You Know the Basics of Long-Term Care?

 Guest Author Raymond Lavine     Long term care may affect you or your loved one. You need to know what it’s all about so you can start taking action based on your circumstance. So here’s a quick overview.What do we mean by long term care? It means you need help performing your activities of […]

Lawsuits Aren’t a BUSINESS? Wall St. Says You’re Wrong!

We warn clients and advisors alike that many lawsuits are simply a business decision made by attorneys as much if not more than a question of right and wrong. This position has been viewed skeptically by those that don’t have our unique experience and perspective in helping to protect thousands of successful people and their […]

Arizona Employers: Is Your Workplace Ready for Medical Marijuana?

With the passage of Proposition 203, Arizona recently became the 15th state to legalize marijuana for certain medical uses. Guest Author Rachel Weiss, an employment lawyer with Gammage & Burnham, urges Arizona employers to educate themselves about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and how it will affect the workplace.  Is Your Workplace Ready for Medical […]


The video below features Due Diligence professional Greg George of GTI ADVISORS being interviewed by financial expert Matt Davio. The events of the last 36 months combined with ongoing economic pressures have brought to light the amount of fraud and misrepresentation that is so prevalent in business today. Part of Asset Protection is not getting burned […]

AMA adopts policy on “professionalism in the use of social media”

The American Medical Association recently published a policy on “Professionalism in the Use of Social Media,” in an apparent attempt to address growing concerns about patient confidentiality and privacy in various internet settings.    A great simple summary of the issues involved by attorney Colin J. Zick is available here: http://www.securityprivacyandthelaw.com/2010/11/articles/medical-information/ama-adopts-policy-on-professionalism-in-the-use-of-social-media/#page=1

Two Types of Liability Insurance Your Practice Needs (and likely lacks)

To address two common exposures that are often overlooked and important in protecting your business against a potential lawsuit;  employment practices liability and cyber liability, I turned to insurance expert Aaron Stauss at Gilbert Insurance  for some details on how you can be protected. If you have employees, a website, or your business works with or stores […]