Protect Your Business or Medical Practice From Internal Fraud

Business and medical practice owners and managers must be aware of internal fraud and embezzlement that often capitalizes on recurring year-end cycles in revenue, spending and inventory and a lack of regular oversight. I covered some of the external fraud scheme you face at year-end in another discussion including a detailed look at invoice fraud.  While I provided […]

What You Must Know about Life Insurance Policy Conversions – Estate Planning

  The importance of working with legal and financial professionals that really do their homework is more important than ever before as Americans are taking estate planning seriously, reviewing the economic effieicney and being “pitched” a variety of options. Insurance expert Ed Hinerman shared some great tips and caveats with us below.  – Ike Devji   […]

Increasing Collections for Services Provided to Injury Patients – PROFIT RETENTION

What Doctors Must Know about Increasing Collections for Services Provided to Injury Patients – A lawyer’s view. “This article was originally written for and published by WWW.PHYSICIANSPRACTICE.COM, the nation’s leading practice management resource and is reprinted here with permission. “  “It’s not just what you MAKE, It’s Also what you KEEP”, is a phrase you’ve […]

Employee Lawsuit Exposure – Retaliation Claims

  RETALIATION CLAIMS – JUST HOW CAREFUL SHOULD YOU BE?     New Form of Retaliation Lawsuit Green Lighted by Supreme Court!  Supreme court rules that third party employee are entitled to sue employers for retaliation. Retaliation tops the EEOC claims list for the first time in 2011- It’s where the contingency fee dollars get collected. Most […]

What You MUST Know About Buying Residential Real Estate in This Market

We have a large number of clients looking at the current distressed real estate market as a potential opportunity, escpcially here in Arizona and through out the Southwest. These opportunities  have ranged from strategic defaults to the acquisition of prime property for personal and investment use. Many of our most experienced real estate based clients and new […]

Why Having A GREAT C.P.A. is More Important to Your Practice Than Ever

ASSET PROTECTION UPDATE: Why Top C.P.A. Help is a More Important Part of a Medical Practice (and Every Other Business) Team than Ever Before  I’ve always taught that Asset Protection goes beyond just legal planning and must include insurance, accounting and financial planning expertise to implement a truly protective and holistic plan. Given the economy […]

Asset Protection Lawyer Ike Devji talks Wealth Protection with Matt Davio @misstrade

I had a chance to talk to a real pro in Wealth Protection. Ike Devji has written articles in Worth, Advisor Today, Physicians Practice, and works with many large Broker Dealer Organizations. Video Interview With Ike Devji and Matt Davio: