Asset Protection For Doctors: Ike Devji for Medical Economics

Asset Protection For DoctorsAsset Protection attorney Ike Devji’s recent articles on asset protection for physicians include the following for Medical Economics. It shares the 20/20 hindsight  gained by helping to protect the success and manage the risks of thousands of successful Physicians for nearly two decades.

Experts have consistently warned us for several years that another recession was possible, if not likely, and that our economy is fragile and vulnerable to a variety of social, political, and economic variables. This has certainly proven to be true in the last 60 days as the coronavirus pandemic has slowed the U.S. economy to a near halt as dire predictions for at least the next six months, but as long as two years, are being made. Here’s what to do about it. 

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Coronavirus 2020: Physicians Recession Survival Guide


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